Wine and Cheese’ panel session

Last year at VTS, we had some great discussions during the ‘Wine and Cheese’ panel session.  This year, considering that we will be in Vegas again, we have decided to turn it into a fun filled event and give the attendees an opportunity to win some cool prizes.

The Monday evening ‘Wine and Cheese’ special session will be conducted in the form of a Trivia game where VLSI Test related questions will be asked. Attendees can participate in the game through their mobile phones/Laptops. Following every question, we will have a brief explanation/discussion about that topic where the attendees can also share their views/experiences. While being technical, we look forward to make this a fun filled event by engaging the audience.

You can be a part of this event not only by participating in the game, but also by contributing the questions:

We would like to source the questions from the VLSI Test community. This way we can have a large diversity of topics which can be discussed during the event. Questions can be technical, interesting facts or even something fun. They must be related to VLSI Test and preferably in a multiple choice format. If you have any interesting questions in mind, please send them to us through this link ( It would be great if you can send your questions by 18th March 2017. We really appreciate your contribution.

Session Organizers – Rohit Kapur and Anshuman Chandra (Synopsys), and Gaurav Reddy (UT Dallas)